Power Supply Yankee PS-M1


Yankee Ps-M1 is the most popular power supply among our users. It provides 9V DC current through 10 outputs.
All outputs are split into two separate (isolated) sections (5 outputs each).Each section provides 900 mA of power. This solution allows guitar effects with high voltage requirement (up to 900 mA) to be plugged into one of the sections.
An addtional USB output (5V) can power an USB lamp (very useful on dark stages) or any USB-powered device, such as portable media players.


Yankee PS-M1 Power Supply features:


▪ Durable aluminium housing

▪ Assembled using highest quality material providing safety and durability

▪ Can be easily attached to pedalboard with screws

▪ Powerfull toroidal transformer

▪ Movable power cord socket (see photos)

▪ Ability to power guitar effects working on 9V DC

▪ Two fully separated sections

▪ Can power at the same time effects in amplifier loop and before the amplifier

▪ Contains USB port and diode lamp

▪ Most popular among Yankee Power Supplies


Sample effects that can be powered using Yankee PS-M1 Power Supply:


Eventide T-rex BOSS EHX Danelectro Fultone
Ibanez MXR etc.

Dimentions: 35mm x 130mm x 84mm (height x width x length)

Weight: 800g


Power input: 230V/50Hz 
(Want it to work on 115V – North America? No problem, contact us!) 


Output scheme:

Section Number of outputs Voltage Current
I 5 outputs 9V DC 1200 mA
II 5 outputs 9V DC 1200 mA

The set includes: 


▪ Yankee PS-M1 Power supply

▪ Power cord

▪ Connection cables:

▪ 55cm / 21,6in standard cable (5,5 x 2,1mm) – 5 pieces

▪ 30cm / 11,8in standard cable (5,5 x 2,1mm) – 2 pieces

▪ 0,5m battery cable 9V

▪ 55cm / 21,6in mini-jack cable – 2 pieces

▪ USB diode lamp

Coming soon.